Taking on new clients can present a digital marketing expert with several challenges. Taking on or taking over some of a client’s existing digital marketing efforts can be very unorganized and chaotic. Allowing yourself time to sort it all out, gain access and establish new digital platforms is often difficult. Producing results is the immediate desire from most clients and while your efforts to organize and set up the strategy are not key, providing results at the same time is often necessary to satisfy a client hungry for results.

A solid digital marketing game plan and proper execution will provide your clients the results they desire. Proper execution will not happen if you do not take the time to set up the pieces. It is highly important to get organized and have all of your pieces in the right spot so that when it is “go-time” you can execute. Once you have organized your plan, you can execute at a high level with less stress.

Keeping your client informed early on in the process is key to a good relationship. A simple email with a list of “to-do” goes a long way in being transparent with your work and intentions. Keep your client satisfied with early, clear communication while you sort out the mess, establish your plan, and set your pieces up. Then go execute!