Everyone is doing it! LIVE video that is.

Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live. It’s everywhere. How can going live be part of your digital marketing strategy and help grow your business and/or web presence? Let’s discuss.

Safe Opportunities

Being personable is one of the best ways to relate to your customers and clients. Being approachable, friendly and easy to talk to puts your customers at ease. When people receive exceptional service from a waitress or retail worker they remember that. They come back. They tell their friends and family. In the age of Covid-19, LIVE video gives you an opportunity to be personable and safely distanced from your customers. Live video allows you to answer questions in real time, address concerns, show new products and more. More importantly is allows you an opportunity to be personable, relatable and to leave a lasting imprint on your customer or potential customers.

It’s Super Easy

Going LIVE on almost every platform is super easy. With the touch of a few “buttons” you could be live and accumulating an audience immediately.

How To Go Live on Facebook

  1. Tap the camera icon to the left of your search bar.
  2. Give Facebook access to your camera and microphone when prompted.
  3. Switch to “Live” on the bottom of your camera screen.
  4. Choose your privacy and posting settings.
  5. Write a compelling description.
  6. Tag friends, choose your location, or add an activity.
  7. Set your camera’s orientation.
  8. Add lenses, filters, or writing and drawing to your video.
  9. Click the blue “Start Live Video” button to start broadcasting.
  10. Interact with viewers and commenters.
  11. Click “Finish” to end the broadcast.
  12. Post your reply and save the video to your camera roll.

How To Go Live On Instagram

Step 1: Open the Instagram Stories camera and swipe across to the “Live” mode. You will be able to see how many of your followers are currently active in the Instagram app, which is a good indicator of how many people will receive an in-app notification if you go live straight away.

Step 2: Tap the “Live” icon to start your broadcast, making sure you have a strong and stable internet connection.

It’s a good idea to give your followers a few moments to join before jumping right into the focus of your live session, so consider having a holding screen or making some small talk for a minute or two.

Step 3: Once your live is underway, you can choose from a number of features to make your broadcast more engaging

How To Go Live on YouTube

1. Open the YouTube app on your phone and log into your account, if necessary.

2. Tap the capture button, which is a camera icon.

3. Select “Go Live.”

4. If necessary, allow YouTube to record audio on your phone — you may also have to allow access to things like your camera, microphone, and location.

5. Create the title and establish the privacy settings for the stream.

6. If desired, you can select “More Options” to further customize your livestream, including scheduling, live chats, and age restrictions for viewers.

7. Choose whether or not you’re video is made for kids so your stream adheres to YouTube’s age and content policies.

8. Tap “Next” to take your thumbnail photo or choose to upload a thumbnail.

9. Select “Go Live” to start your livestream.

10. To end a livestream from a mobile phone, tap “Finish” and then “Ok.”