Russellville E-Mail Marketing

email marketing

Late Start Marketing has proven time and time again for our clients that email is a practical, profitable tool. As your email marketing partner, we’ll promote your products and services, build customer trust, and inform your audience of developments in your field which make it clear that you are an industry leader.


In a recent 2019 study, Adobe surveyed over 1,000 adults and found they spent over 3 hours a day checking professional and personal email.

Late Start Marketing more effectively reaches your customers where they live and work, making your email campaigns engaging and profitable by developing effective headlines, sales copy, and email layouts designed to compel and convert, all while maintaining your company’s brand voice and design. In our efforts to drive sales, our email campaigns are designed with a call-to-action in mind.

Whether the action is to send the audience to a website landing page, call a customer representative, request a quote, every campaign and individual email is crafted with a specific goal in mind.

Segmentation gives us the ability to send messages to subsets of your audience which cater to their specific needs. Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, which can turn off many would-be customers, we can hone in on those who show interest in specific products or services. The more segmented the list, the more ways we can create personalized messages which improve their experience.

Have an existing customer list? We’ll help clean it up and segment the audience. We can segment new contacts added to your email list. This can be done automatically through page tracking software, website contact forms or a CRM system.