Don’t Be Camera Shy!

Personal photos perform better. They just do.

You’re a small business owner. Your friends and family support you, they support your business. They spread the word, send referrals and spend their money on your business. You’re most comfortable around them. It makes sense. You take and share photos comfortably with your friends and family, it’s easier.

Now apply this attitude to your customers. Your customers support you and your business. They send referrals and spend money on your products and services. They become “regulars”. Believe it or not, they want to see your face. Whether in person or in your online marketing.

I’m not saying you should be taking selfies with your customers, I’m saying don’t be camera shy. When creating your next social media post use a photo that includes you in it. Stock photos can get a point across in your digital marketing but a personal photo creates a personal connection with that customer. Customers who feel a personal connection are more likely to engage with your online marketing. Try it out and see for yourself.